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Gratitude is a reward for letting go

I am beginning to understand that my reactions to what people say and do are to do with the ways in which I have been conditioned – that when I am triggered I have a choice between identifying with the flood of thought and emotion that emerges, or observing it and letting go

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How shared reading helped me to be near people

- By Sara Fawcett -  “…it made me almost feel free. Like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I found myself talking to people I hadn't talked to before and it wasn't just normal talking. There was a banter and witty jokes shared between us, open discussions about...

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Stories of change – Mary

- By Mary Houghis -  “…I thought that I could not get back into nursing, shared reading has changed that…”   Mary has been attending shared reading groups for around 6 months. In that time she has connected with others and found new motivation, purpose and...

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Stimulating the creativity of our readers

- By Christopher Smith -  “After the reading group I feel more connected, alert and alive”   Freda B Fischer is new to shared reading, but in a few short weeks has experienced its powerful effects. Freda speaks of the experience of hearing beautiful texts read...

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Shared Reading: What It Is & Why I Love It

- By Christopher Smith -  Shared Reading is a social movement that brings people together to read out loud and discuss great stories and poems. This simple act has changed people’s lives — I should know, it changed mine. I remember reading the poem Digging by Seamus...

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A Reading Resurrection

- By Alex Carbonetti -  Literature was murdered for me in high school. The dissection of texts, the endless analysis of meaning and themes, seemed to destroy the joy of the act of reading and becoming immersed in the world of other people and other places. I loved...

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