“All I have to do is open up to the nourishment coming in”

Jul 4, 2019 | Reader stories

– By Freda (reading group member) – 

Freda’s been attending a reading group for a couple of years now. Here, she reflects on how she came to be in the group and what it’s meant to her. 

I was finding it frustrating that I couldn’t read. With dyslexia, when I was under a lot of stress, the page had no meaning.  I’d come here (Catholic care) to get help to fill out some forms. I didn’t know my neighbours very well and I’d totally isolated myself, I was suffering and my energy level had dropped. Then I was told about the reading group.

The first time I came (to the group) was an immense challenge. But I found that by listening to the words, I wasn’t under the stress of having to read. Once I became comfortable, I felt nourished…I felt that I could overcome the blocks to actually reading. I know I have the energy level to participate – even if it’s only listening. Listening is participating. Here, my abilities are nourished…and like a bird, all I have to do is open up to the nourishment coming in.

In the group, I felt safe, befriended and not judged…I even began to drop the judgement I had on myself. It was really critical to my health and my growth, being able to come here. The group has given me clarity of mind so that I can focus on what is a priority to me. It has unlocked things inside me; I’m learning to actually feel again. I am very comfortable here, I don’t judge myself. I am learning to share and grow and I started writing poetry again. It reminds me; yes I was able to do all of these things.


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