Shared Reading NSW is a not-for-profit set up to harness the power of great stories for social good. We rely on the generous work of many talented and inspiring people to make our vision a reality across New South Wales – trained facilitators, partner organisations, volunteers, the Shared Reading NSW Board and, most importantly, readers.
Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith

Shared Reading NSW, CEO

Christopher Smith is a passionate advocate for shared reading and its ability to change people’s lives. Many years ago, he began researching the efficacy of bibliotheraphy and the healing potential of literature in London. This interest eventually lead him to be trained as a facilitator by The Reader Organisation in Liverpool, UK, where he saw first-hand the power of the simple act of people coming together to read aloud.

In his shared reading practice he has seen people transformed from passive, shy, disempowered and isolated individuals into active, engaged, confident and articulate members of a community. Through shared reading, he has witnessed doors open for migrants and people struggling with literacy, seen hope emerge amongst people living with mental health issues and watched as powerful memories come flooding back for the frail aged.

It is these experiences and the desire to bring the power of shared reading to as many communities as possible across Australia that drives him.

Read more about Christopher’s journey with shared reading.

Dr Andrew Ingram

Dr Andrew Ingram

Chair of the Board

Andrew has been engaged in a range of roles in tertiary and commercial education over the past 20 years, including: research fellow and lecturer in the field of linguistics at several Australian universities; private linguistic and education consultant to different tertiary organisations and government agencies. Andrew’s PhD is in linguistics from Sydney University. He also holds formal qualifications in Training and Assessment. Andrew is an avid reader and believes that reading is essential for self-improvement. He believes that shared reading can offer people from different walks of life opportunities for self-improvement.

Anne Little

Anne Little

Board Member

Working in Risk Management for community services, Anne brings to Shared Reading NSW expertise in organisational best practice. She has also worked extensively with volunteers and brings a wealth of knowledge regarding volunteer management.

Alex Carbonetti

Alex Carbonetti

Learning & Development Manager

Alex Carbonetti works with Shared Reading NSW’s facilitators. Alex was convinced of the power and benefits of shared reading after taking part in shared reading group with Christopher Smith. With 30 years experience in adult education, Alex has joined the team to help create learning and development opportunities for shared reading facilitators and the public in general. Driven by a strong sense of social justice and a desire to see communities that include all citizens regardless of their life circumstances or abilities, Alex sees shared reading as a powerful vehicle to reduce social isolation, deepen the quality of relationships and create a sense of belonging that contributes to wellbeing.

She talks about what shared reading has meant to her in the article: A Reading Resurrection.


We work in partnership with many forward-thinking groups and organisations looking to help people of all ages and backgrounds to make positive changes in their lives.

One of the strengths of our model is its versatility. It can work equally well in aged care facilities or in schools, in hospitals or in the workplace. In fact, anywhere there is a group of people.

Partner with us

We partner with organisations in two main ways:

We provide a range of reading experiences that deliver positive outcomes for organisations and the people they work with.

We deliver training and support for individuals and organisations to establish their own shared reading groups.