Connecting people using the power of great stories

“I count down the days until the group…it can’t come soon enough” Peter, group member

We help you to connect, delight and inspire the people you work with, care for and care about. You will find our work versatile, engaging, refreshing and uplifting. By working with us you can develop rich social experiences that have surprising effects on peoples lives and wellbeing.

We work in 2 main ways:

We provide a range of reading experiences in a variety of settings that help you deliver positive outcomes for the people you work with.

Give you the skills you need to establish your own reading experiences with our practical training and support programs.

 Shared reading

A shared reading group is a relaxed space for people to read a short story, poem or part of a book aloud, reflect and then discuss it.

Everyone is welcome to contribute their thoughts, feelings and experiences, or just listen if that feels more comfortable. Our trained facilitators are there, not to ‘teach’ the group, but rather to keep the focus on what each story means for the people in the group.

We choose stories that speak to the depth and breadth of human experience. This is what is so powerful about the experience of shared reading — it creates an immediate sense of connectedness and community.

 Why we exist

“Our work is creating relaxed, non-judgemental environments for people from all walks of life to interact with great writing, share wisdom, learn about each other, and discover more about themselves” 

Christopher Smith, CEO, Shared Reading NSW

Our vision is for a world where we’re all part of the same story.

When people feel relaxed, connected and engaged their general health and wellbeing improves. They become more confident, more resilient and better able to adapt to the circumstances of their life.

Relaxation, connection and engagement       

We create safe spaces where people can hear and personally reflect on great stories. Our facilitators encourage participants – when they feel ready – to express their unique thoughts, feelings and experiences. They also help them listen deeply to and interact positively with each other.  

Our group process celebrates the unique perspectives that people bring, so it’s naturally inclusive.

It’s also a great way to harness diversity, develop understanding and enrich relationships in a way that fosters belonging.

All of this is packaged within an activity that’s, first and foremost, a fun and relaxing way for people to spend some time. 

People love shared reading because it’s a wonderful social experience that recognises their strengths, interests, wisdom and innate intelligence. 

To learn what our groups mean to people see the impact of shared reading 

OUR MISSION:  Establish shared reading activities in every community across New South Wales.



We aim to be pro-active in the inclusion of people from all walks of life. In shared reading sessions, we celebrate the vibrancy of diverse life experiences and how they enrich our reading of great stories.


We believe that when people belong to and are actively engaged with their communities, they achieve better outcomes for their health and wellbeing.


We believe that everyone has something to contribute to a shared reading session and that there is value in the unique contributions of all.


We believe that everyone can and should be able to express their unique journey through life. We believe self-expression can liberate people from their circumstances and is vital for people to live to their potential.


We believe in the therapeutic power of literature. In engaging with expressive language and rich stories, people find support and beauty. We believe that anybody can engage with great literature and we aim to make it accessible to all people.


We believe that everybody has vulnerabilities and that everybody has the capacity for personal growth, self-learning and self-discovery.